Personal & Commercial ORganization


There are several parts of our home that tend to keep a lot of unnecessary clutter. Over time this builds stress, tension, depression, forgetfulness, time loss, anger etc. Majority of households don't have the time needed to tackle these projects so this is where we come in! 

We set up one-on-one consultations to check out the area in need of organization (take pictures for reference), we go over what you would like to get out of the given area, what you would like it to look like (colors, container types, shelving, etc), how you would like to take care of unnecessary items (garage sale, online selling, donations, garbage) if you would like items stored for convenience vs. looks, optional side by side guidance and set up a schedule that works for you not against you.

Once the consultation is complete we will go over all the information gathered, draw up a diagram to help you visualize what your space will look like upon completion, and have a detailed step by step plan from start to completion. We research all supplies you request and present you with both high and low end products that will suit your needs. This will be sent via email or over a separate meeting at a minimal fee($25). Once we have all the details handled we can then begin!

Once all items are organized and ready for placement any donations that are approved are sent to Teasures at no cost to you. We've partnered with STREGTHEN OUR SISTERS out of West Milford, NJ., a local NPO that caters to battered & homeless women and children from the surrounding areas. All donations we take go straight to their thrift store, TREASURES. Some items are directly donated to these women and children while all others are sold at Treasures. All proceeds from sales go towards Strengthen our Sisters to cover all expenses needed.

We also do commercial organization. This would encompass storage rooms, inventory, offices, & filing. Organization of these areas can save time, money, and increase sales volume. Summer camps, Schools, Retail Stores, and Professional Offices are all welcome! 

Pricing is based off of the hours it takes to complete your project + materials and related costs. Please DO NOT be discouraged by the size of your project. We've seen worse and done more. Let us take care of it!